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  • Plug in to Edison: Grid Buildout, Clean Energy Access, Heavy Duty Funding


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    Proactively Powering California's Future

    California faces a critical challenge: achieving a clean energy future by 2045. To meet this ambitious goal, we must be proactive in building out the power grid in strategic areas.


    Over the past 20 years, the capacity of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has increased by about 2 gigawatts per year, but in less than two decades we'll need to quadruple that. Regions like southwestern Riverside County have nearly doubled in population every decade since the early 90s, which is why projects like the Alberhill System are necessary to meet demand. The city of Riverside has taken notice as well, with their councilmembers recently voting to support the construction of a second power connection for their residents.


    The Port of Long Beach provides an excellent example of proactive grid expansion. As one of the busiest ports globally - moving about 90 million metric tons of cargo annually - it relies on a robust and efficient power supply. With a goal of reaching zero emissions by 2030, the port is expanding strategically to support economic growth, reduce air pollution, and mitigate climate risks.


    As population grows, the power grid must keep pace. Projects like the ones mentioned will not only enhance reliability for customers but also keep up with the demand for new housing, incoming businesses, EVs and new electrified technologies that will pave the way for the clean energy future. Check out more of what SCE is doing to improve the grid: Reliability | SCE

    Clean Energy Ambassador Guide

    SCE is thrilled to announce the launch of the Clean Energy Ambassador Guide, a comprehensive online resource designed to support community-based organizations in the transition to clean energy.


    This guide serves as a robust library of information, curated in partnership with the Clean Energy Access Working Group (CEAWG), which is comprised of local community leaders from underserved communities. It aims to equip clean energy advocates with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead these communities toward a brighter, more sustainable future.


    If you're a community leader looking to advocate for why the clean energy transition matters to underserved communities, join us in this pivotal movement toward a more sustainable world. Explore the Clean Energy Ambassador Guide and become that beacon of change in your community.

    Upcoming Events

    CivicWell Climate & Energy Collaborative Forum


    On June 25, CivicWell will bring together local government leaders from across the state in energy and climate action for in-depth conversations between local, regional, state, and private sector partners. An SCE representative will join the panel, “Charging Forward” to discuss how we can collaborate with CBO partners toward an equitable clean energy transition. Learn more: Climate & Energy Forum

    Wildfire Safety Livestreams


    SCE will host livestream meetings on June 6 and 13 to discuss wildfire safety, customer programs and resources to help you prepare for emergency events. During the livestreams, you will be able to ask questions and provide feedback. Follow the link to register for these virtual meetings: Wildfire Safety Event

    Poll: Which renewable energy source are you most interested to learn more about?

    Select just one answer:
    Solar Energy
    Wind Energy
    Geothermal Energy

    Last Month's Poll: What Were the Results?

    Last month, we asked if you were interested in SCE's Green Rate program, which charges a small premium for a higher amount of renewable energy. We received 37 responses. Here were the responses:


    1. I would like to enroll (45.9%)
    2. I cannot participate because CCA/DA customer (40.5%)
    3. Not interested (10.8%)
    4. Already enrolled (2.7%)


    Thank you for participating in our polls, as we want to engage you on topics of interest and relevance.

    Short Stories

    Alternatives to Metallic Balloons This Graduation Season

    Grads are enjoying some well-deserved spotlight in June, usually with shiny balloons; but beware, these seemingly harmless celebratory orbs can wreak havoc on the electrical grid. Though June is typically the most challenging month, it is a year-long problem that led to 582 outages affecting 800,000 SCE customers last year. In June alone, there were 88 balloon-related outages.


    There are options:

    • Choose non-metallic balloons. They are just as festive and will not cause power outages.
    • Proper Disposal: Handle them with care. When the party’s over, deflate them safely and throw them away properly.  
    • Report Balloon IncidentsNever approach downed lines. If you see balloons in power lines, stay at least 100 feet away and call 911 or SCE at 1-800-611-1911.

    Funding for Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles

    Transition your fleet and meet regulatory requirements with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Program, which offers millions in grants to replace non-zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission alternatives. Apply by July 25, to be a part of this transformative initiative and drive positive change in communities striving for better air quality standards. Learn more here: EPA | Heavy Duty

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Does SCE have any infographics that I can share with residents who need help with their power bill? What about for people interested in battery storage or wildfire mitigation?


    Answer: Yes! You can explore the SCE newsrooma resourceful hub where you can find important updates and announcements from SCE. It features a Fact Sheets section that provides easy-to-understand infographics on various energy topics.


    Send Us Your Questions: If you have a question related to SCE and electrical service, please send to us in one of two ways:

    • Contact your local SCE Government Relations Manager and pose the question.
    • Send the question directly to our communications staff at SCE.LocalPublicAffairs@SCE.com.


    We will go through all questions and answer them in priority order, based on the most popular or frequently asked. Answers will appear each month in this newsletter. Thank you for your interest and engagement with SCE Local Public Affairs!


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