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  • Winter Updates from SoCalGas

    Winter Bills

    During the winter months, natural gas usage can increase three to seven times compared to summer, which could lead to higher bills. To help our customers manage their natural gas bills this season, we recommend visiting our Manage Higher Bills webpage to learn about factors that may affect usage.
    Tools and Assistance Programs for Customers
    • Customers can log in to My Account and select Ways to Save in the menu to review usage, compare bill history, and view personalized analysis of factors potentially causing their natural gas bill to change.
    • Enrollment in Bill Tracker Alerts helps each customer monitor their natural gas consumption. Subscribe by registering or logging in to My Account.
    • If customers are having trouble paying their natural gas bill, our Customer Assistance Programs may be able to help.
    Conservation Tip: 

    Conservation during cold weather can help customers to better manage their natural gas use and may help them save money on their energy bills. Here are a few tips that can help without sacrificing comfort at home:
    • Set the thermostat to 68 degrees or lower, health permitting
    • Use cold water for laundry
    • Shorten the time for hot showers
    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Response

    We know COVID-19 has been challenging and this is a difficult time for us all, rest assured, natural gas service will still be there for you, whenever you need it.  
    • Safety is important to us, and SoCalGas® has taken numerous measures to protect our workforce, the public and our customers. These measures include social distancing, the use of face coverings when safe to do so, COVID-19 job site safety oversight monitors, and much more.
    • Complying with all COVID-19 safety requirements, our workforce is continuing essential and emergency service appointments, including reports of suspected natural gas leaks, carbon monoxide checks, gas meter turn-ons, natural gas outage and pilot relights.
    • Service disconnections have been suspended until further notice. This means no residential or small business customer using less than 10,000 therms per year will have their natural gas turned off due to non-payment.

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    Safety and Savings Tips:
    • Do not use the oven, range top or outdoor barbecue to heat the home. These appliances are not designed for this purpose and can pose a safety hazard.
    • Clean or replace furnace filters according to manufacturer recommendations. This simple action could help customers save energy and money and the furnace to operate more efficiently.