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  • Take the Clean Air Pledge

    Clean Air Day, the annual statewide day of action to reduce air pollution in schools, cities, homes, and businesses across the state, is tomorrow, October 7.

    California Clean Air Day is a project of the Coalition for Clean Air whose purpose is to address misconceptions that we’ve addressed our air quality issues and reinforce the message that individuals, organizations, and communities across the state can take simple steps to improve our air quality. Carpooling, switching out harmful cleaning products and dirty air filters, planting something, and opting not to drive are just some simple actions you can pledge on to help clean California’s air.

    When it comes to improving our air quality, we can all do our part. That’s why, SoCalGas is inviting all our company employees and community partners to take action.
    Join SoCalGas to help improve the air in your community by taking the Clean Air Pledge by clicking HERE