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  • Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) Adopt-a-School Program

    The Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) Adopt-a-School Program is an initiative developed for the purpose of building long-term partnerships between schools and local community organizations. Creating strong relationships will enhance student experience, while creating exposure to businesses. Business to student relationships builds community networks that can outlast the ever-changing social media trends.


    Our goal is to have every school in Riverside County adopted by a business, faith-based, or service organization.


    As your RCOE Ambassador I will identify some of the needs your local schools have, provide support, and work with principals and to initiate a connection that fosters effective partnerships and enhances the academic success of students


    There are many ways to support a school, including:

    • Participating in school events to show appreciation for student achievement and    

      staff performance.

    • Volunteering on Career Day by sharing your personal career journey or business.

    • Making a donation of funds or equipment.

    • Read to students or allow students to read to you once a quarter.

    • Inviting students to perform at company functions where appropriate.

    • Allow the school to celebrate your support through their school newspapers.

    • Advertising support of the school and displaying an Adopt-a-School certificate,  

      and/or banner at the business. 

    While no formal contract or agreement is necessary, it is recommend that the principal and the community partner collaborate to create an outline of expectations and benefits for students.

    If you have a child or children in your local school district we can establish the program with their schools.


     Call me to learn how to connect with a principal and adopt a local school. It’s as easy as 123.



    Our Mission

    The mission of the

    Riverside County Office of Education is to ensure the success of all students through extraordinary service, support, and partnerships.